Whether shooting a 15 second
 spot, a documentary style video
 or a feature, the fundamentals of
 connecting with your audience
 don’t change.

Hanson Reed in the color suite

Max Diffusoin night shoot on a RED Dragon camera


Hanson directing a boat into position for a shot over the lake



Choosing a production company should be easy.
MaxDiffusion scales to bring top local talent to any sized project.
Don’t know exactly what you need? Got you covered there too.

Hanson Reed

cinematographer – producer

I’m a food lover who hates fluorescent lighting, enjoys open-ended questions, and knows the importance of breathing deeply. A Midwesterner by training and a wanderer by birth, I like to get my boots dirty.


I’ve been burning pixels (and the occasional strip of film) for the better part of a decade. I studied Film and Media Production at Taylor University and cinematography at the Global Cinematography Institute in Hollywood.




MaxDiffusion was thrilled to have a second project honored at the Regional Emmy’s in 2017, this time for a short narrative. It came as a welcome surprise after taking home top honors last year for a documentary, The Glassmakers. Other awards include:

  • CBI National Student Production Awards- Best Special Broadcast 2016
  • IASB – 1st Place Video In Depth Category
  • Accolade Global Film Competition- Award of Recognition:
    Documentary Short
  • Envision Film Festival – Arts and Humanities Award
  • Taylor University Media Communication: Cinematographer of the Year